• Lounge Chair 231200004

    Description: “Unwind in Style: Lounge Chair – Your Ticket to Relaxation in the Garden! 🌿 #HortiClubFinds #GardenEssentials #OutdoorLiving”

    Introducing our luxurious Lounge Chair, the pinnacle of comfort and design for your outdoor retreat. This chair, which is made of high-quality materials and is geared toward complete relaxation, welcomes you to get away from the daily grind. Its sturdy construction and ergonomic design offer maximum comfort, making it the ideal addition to any garden getaway. The Lounge Chair from Horti Club Shop is your pass to tranquility in the wide outdoors, whether you’re lounging in the sun or taking in the stars. ✀️🪑 #GardenRelaxation #OutdoorComfort #HorticultureHaven #ChicGardenFurniture Enhance your leisure time with this garden essential.

  • Rattan Dining 4 Chair Set 231200003

    Description: “Al Fresco Elegance: Rattan Dining 4 Chair Set – Elevate Your Outdoor Dining Experience! 🍽️ #HortiClubFinds #OutdoorDining #GardenFurniture”

    With our Rattan Dining 4 Chair Set, you can turn your garden into a quaint dining haven. This set effortlessly blends design and utility because to its painstaking attention to detail throughout construction. Longevity is guaranteed by the sturdy rattan material, and the cozy sitting encourages you to relish every second. This dining set gives your outdoor area a refined touch and is ideal for family meals or small get-togethers outside. With the Rattan eating 4 Chair Set from Horti Club Shop, enjoy outdoor eating like never before. 🌿✨ #GardenEntertaining #HorticultureHaven #OutdoorElegance #RattanFurniture”

  • Rattan Double Swing 001 230900011

    Description: “Elevate Your Garden Oasis with the Rattan Double Swing 001! 🌿 #HortiClubFinds #GardenSwing #OutdoorLiving”

    With our Rattan Double Swing 001, you can turn your garden into a chic haven! This swing gives your outdoor area a refined touch thanks to its well-made construction and comfort-focused design. The double-seat design invites you to unwind and rest in the middle of nature, and the sturdy rattan construction guarantees lifetime. This swing is a gardener’s dream, whether they’re entertaining guests or just spending a peaceful afternoon. The Rattan Double Swing 001 will enhance your outdoor living space and help you make enduring memories. 🌳✨ #GardenDecor #Horticulture #OutdoorFurniture #RelaxationStation #HortiClubShop”

     53,927 67,409

    Rattan Double Swing 001 230900011

     53,927 67,409
  • Rattan Sofa Set 8 Seater 231200002

    “Luxuriate in the Garden with Our 8-Seating Rattan Sofa Set! 🌺” #GardenFurniture #OutdoorLiving #HortiClubFinds”

    Presenting the 8-seater Rattan Sofa Set, the pinnacle of outdoor style! This chic and roomy sitting set will provide a sophisticated touch to your garden parties. Each piece is made from sturdy rattan and emanates refinement while guaranteeing resistance to weather. Unmatched comfort is offered by the luxurious cushions, which create the ideal environment for relaxing, entertaining, or just taking in the tranquility of your garden. Reimagine your outside area with the 8-seater Rattan Sofa Set. 🍃✨ #GardenGoals #HorticultureHaven #OutdoorEntertaining #RattanFurniture #HortiClubShop”

     99,000 110,999

    Rattan Sofa Set 8 Seater 231200002

     99,000 110,999

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